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I’ve been out of touch with my father for more than nine years. And I live with my mom. Let me tell you one thing. Imagine you’re away from your father for unavoidable reasons. I love you so much and miss you, but won’t you visit me without contacting me for 13 years? It’s because I don’t want to. I hope you don’t hurt your father’s feelings to take care of your mother. Your father has been responsible for you all his life, thinking of you as the number one priority at any moment. My mother wouldn’t keep in touch with me. It’s because I need money now. Don’t worry about your mother and understand her father’s mind. My father would be very sad and heartbroken if you kept in touch with your mother, but he wouldn’t show up for you. You’re number one until the end. But you’re not number one. To put it bluntly, I don’t care about you. It’s wise to quit. If you have a conscience, you shouldn’t contact me now.

If you don't read for a day, you'll get a splinter in your mouth. Even a golden million sheep is not enough to teach a child. Poor but not flattering, rich but not arrogant.

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